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CHEAP TRICK! (Bam Magazine-Dec. 3, 1982)

BAM MAGAZINE - December 3, 1982


In your last issue, a reader wrote a letter to thank you for your excellent coverage of bands with female musicians. I agree that this coverage of female performers is great, but I object to the methods many new female artists are using to promote themselves. The worse offender has got to be the group Hellion, whose recent posters show the female singer being attacked by the male members of the band. If she is not promoting herself though sex, the female singer is making use of alcohol or drugs. Is this really necessary?

Another group is Missing Persons. Does anyone ever bother to think where Dale Bozzio would be without the see-through costume? The list goes on and on.

As a male musician, I can say that I like reading about the female musicians, but I wonder if the promotional ideas most of them use are really necessary. I also must ask myself if most of these would rate as performers without the cheap promotional tactics.
(Jack D. Spencer, Van Nuys)

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