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What Happened to Merlin?

Long ago there lived a wizard by the name of Merlin. Some people say that he lived in a cave underneath Tintagel Castle on the southwest tip of England. Others say that he lived in Wales or in Scotland near the Holy Land of The Druids: Druisdeer. Where he lived, however, is not important to you, oh Traveler. What IS important is what happened to him!

There are many different variations of the story of Merlin. Some people say that Merlin was befriended by a young girl, who had disguised herself as a boy in order to become his apprentice. Others say Merlin knew Morgan La Fey from the moment he saw her, fell in love, and willingly shared his secrets.

The End Is Only The Beginning!

One famous book tells that Merlin was confined to live in the inside of an old tree, which eventially grew around him. But many people believe that Morgan La Fey not only learned Merlin's Magic...she surpassed him! These people believe that our beloved friend Merlin is still alive in the Tower of Air! Beware, oh Traveler! The Tower of Air is a mystery. How you get in is a mystery. And how you get out is a mystery. Use the links below at your own risk, oh Traveler. And do not say that you were not warned!

P.S: This site is a secret one! As with all magick...DO NOT TELL ANYONE YOU HAVE BEEN HERE! There are 666 pages associated with The Tower of Air! You have stumbled upon the first site! If you can discover the next 665 an award shall wait for you. If not...you shall remain in the tower of air...or even worse!


COME BACK SOON OH TRAVELER! You are lost...in a few days a maybe a map will appear here...maybe a riddle...only when your time is right will you be able to continue on your way! It is best to keep a diary of your journey! The magic code to your first page is A1A. Do not forget it or you may have to return here again.

[HINT OF THE DAY: Life happens in patterns...seasons, cycles, and sequences! This is also true with URL codes!]

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