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Traveler! You are VERY clever!


You are still trapped in the tower of air, however, you are getting off to a very good start! The next part of the journey, however, may not be so simple!

Are You Keeping a Diary or a Grimore?

If you are not keeping a secret logue of your travels, you had best start! Each of the magickal 666 pages in this Tower of Air quest have a special code attached! When you come to certain special pages, you will be asked to sign the guest book and a riddle or clue will be sent to you! Other times, you will have to include the codes of the pages you have visited to get past The Gatekeeper! The magical code of this page is LINKS

COME BACK SOON OH TRAVELER! You are still lost! In a few days a maybe a map will appear here...maybe a riddle...maybe a link! Timing is EVERYTHING!. Only when your time is right will you be able to continue safely on your way! And remember not to forget your page codes! If you do, you may have to return here again.

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