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When I was a little child
Grandpa said to me
You can be The President
If you just believe

Then he yelled at his wife
And she slammed the door
Then he yelled at the dog
And then his wife yelled some more...

You have reached page D4D!

Please take note of the following:

1.) You have re-entered childhood!

2.) This is your chance to by-pass some of the things that have wasted your time in the past. Be careful! Make your choices carefully or you will only go round in circles and repeat yourself and the errors of youth!

3.) Your first task is to find KINDERLAND! This will be the first primary destination!

4.) While you are in Kinderland you must put together the remaining parts of the song, whose lyrics ae listed above!


A Hint!

Use the links below, or try to alter the URL code. (I suggest you try the links and watch the URL codes listed. This should give you some kind of clue.)

Links Into Childhood Unknown


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