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Hellion Tour Canceled (Bam Magazine-Dec. 3, 1982)

BAM MAGAZINE - December 3, 1982

Hellion Tour Canceled

While L.A. heavy metal act Hellion may have left the Annie-Ville Horror House thousands of miles behind, a spell of bad luck has forced an early end to the groups West Coast Stumble Tour.

The last straw came when four acquaintances were killed in a car crash following Hellionšs performance at Seattle's Saturday Smash concert with recording artists T.K.O. and two other local heavy metal acts. Despite an overwhelming response from Pacific Northwest headbangers the Hellions had simply had enough.

Further incidents of bad luck included numerous major breakdowns enroute to performances, arriving to find that four separate concerts had been canceled due to last minute decisions by promoters that the band was "too heavy," and arriving to two venues where the band has been booked as a dance band. To worsen matters, Hellion's lead screamer Ann Boleyn performed despite a bout with an illness lasting the first two weeks of the tour.

No word at this time as to whether remaining dates will be rescheduled at a later time. L.A. metal fans may wish to note, however, that Hellion will be performing Saturday, December 4 at The Troubador in Hollywood. This will be Hellion's first appearance in Hollywood.
(Barbara Wilson)


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