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Hellion-The Starlight Sounds Off (LA Times)

Rock Fans respond with delight to the music of Hellion during night concert at Burbanks Starlight!

[NOTE: Due to its length, this artical has been edited.]

Los Angeles Times - Sunday, August 7, 1984 (USA)

The Starlight Sounds Out Reaction to Its New Wave

By GREG BRAXTON, Times Staff Writer

For the first time in five years, the hills surrounding the Starlight Amphitheater in Burbank have been alive this summer with the sound of music.

Although Burbank city officials generally are singing praised to Starlight promoter Tom Griffin in his efforts to pump new life into the facility after its checkered history of controversy and of five large shows Griffin presented drew a large audience to the facility, which can accommodate 6,000 people...

[Note this article does not mention rock music, but does include three photos: two of Hellion performing on stage (below) and one of the fans of Hellion (above).]


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