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SHOOTING STARS: HELLION (Hit Parader) Dec. '84

HIT PARADER - December, 1984


Vocalist Ann Boleyn, guitarist Ray Schenck and drummer Sean Kelly formed Hellion in Tujunga, California in July 1982. Since the band did not have a singer, Ann, who only played keyboards at the time, became Hellionšs vocal-lust. Hellion initially played local clubs from Los Angeles to Seattle. Upon returning, the band discarded its copy set for originals and began headlining all the important clubs in the LA area. Guitarist Alan Barlam and bassist Bill Sweet joined Hellion in August of 1983, and the group recorded a homemade self-titled mini-LP. The record did particularly well in British heavy metal circles, prompting the quintet to head for a gig at Londonšs Marquee. Hellions upcoming album is being produced by Ronnie James Dio.


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