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Hellion: Troubadour Club, Los Angeles (Kerrang)

Kerrang - November, 1989 (USA)

Hellion: Troubadour Club, Los Angeles

by Krusher Joule

"Krusher, lets go 'kin rockin'!"

The Casteneda Mescal was torn from my cupid lips, the Marshall stack headphones from my metal ears, the masseurs were ordered out of my studio suite and before I'd time to clean my paint brushes we were roaring, burning and skreeching "The Merk down The Strip."

Rock cassettes fueled the kar as I stood and stoically stoned on the (Graham) bonnet (or "Dick Flasher" as itıs known in the biz), the "One Eyed Eagle Worm" raised high in one fist and the Œsit on this and spin around finger raised in the other, the battle cry of "ROOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCKKK!" screaming into the hole Mother used to kall my mouth.

It was Friday night and we were rocking!

A heated, expectant and star-studded audience gave a loud and welcoming cheer as the band took the stage, Holtzı "Mars" composition blasted from the speakers. An even louder cheer followed as Ann Boleyn descended the stairs from the dressing room on to the stage, stunningly dressed and stunningly eerie as she spoke into the mike, her voice sounding like something strait out of "The Exorcist." I couldn't quite make out what was being said, but suddenly we were off and rockinı.

"Break The Spell," and old Hellion song, gave the boys in the band a chance to show their kolour --- and oohhhh, what kolours! Alex Campbell (bass), and Greg Pecka (drums) provided a thunderous rhythm while Chet Thompson (guitar) started Eddie Van Halening for all he was worth. Meanwhile, Ms. Boleyn belted out some of the finest female vocals Iıve heard in some time.

None new songs followed --- "Put The Hammer Down", "Take Me", "Better Off Dead", "Tower Of Air", "Better Forget Her", "East Action", "The Hand". "Something's Going on", and "Explode" --- and not one boring number amongst them.

My only real grumble would be that it was a very guitar-indulgent set, but that aside Hellion are a fine band with fine songs.

They encored with "Run For Your Life", another old number, and suddenly it was time to kollect my knuckle dusters from the door, say tara to Mr. Smith (Maiden), Mr. Dubrow and Mr. Banali (Quiet Riot), Mr. Appice (Dio) and the boys from Rough Cutt, get my bottle of Mescal back from Lars (Metallica), nut the bouncers, jump in the old "Dick Flasher" and roar off to "Cagneys" for further rockin' by the pool!


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