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Hellion The Black Book (Restless)/title> <p> <h3> CMJ - September 1991</h3> <p> <h1> HELLION The Black Book (Restless, 1616 Vista Del Mar, Hollywood, CA 90028/213-957-4357)</h1> <p> <h4></center> Completed for over a year but held up in the Enigma/Restless realignment process, Hellions first release in three years is a seriously ambitious effort, to say the least. Paralleling the novel of the same name written by vocalist Ann Boleyn, this concept album presents the intriguing storyline in eight tracks of traditional Eurometal (which Hellion does as well as virtually anyone), driven by Boleyns Dio-influenced vocals and no less than four lead guitarists! ALthough both the story and the music sometimes spill into liche, <b>Amnesia,</b> <b>Loosing Control</b> and the title track are strong, well-crafted songs with a palpable sense of threat. (JA)<p> <p> <center><h1>LINKS</h1></center> <IMG SRC=""><a href=" hellionsite.html"> The Official Hellion Site</a> The home page.<br> <IMG SRC=""><a href=""> The Official Hellion Library</a> Articles, reviews, news items, etc.<p> <p> <P ALIGN=CENTER><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=40 ALT="MBX"></A><A HREF=" "><IMG SRC="http://www.metal" HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=400 ALT="Metal Banner Exchange"></A><BR><SMALL><A HREF="">Member of the Metal Banner Exchange</A></SMALL></P> <File: 19821203-bam2> </html>