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Alan Barlam joined HELLION in 1983 and made his debut appearance with the band at THE TROUBADOUR in Hollywood. Prior to his joining the band, Hellion had only one lead guitarist (RAY SCHENCK).

Alan was younger then the other Hellion members and did not have a lot of experience when he joined the band. Innitially he performed rhythm guitar and only a few lead solos. But, the reason he had been selected to join in the first place was that the other members saw a lot of potential in Alan.

Alan soon demonstrated himself as an excellent songwriter. Like most musicians who are new on stage, his first performances with Hellion were a little stiff. However, soon he became more relaxed and also began doing more and more lead solosa as his skill improved (quickly!).

Alan Barlam was one of the members who left to form BURN in about 1985. However, after Burn broke up, Alan returned to Hellion and not only appeared on THE BLACK BOOK, but, helped pen the music. It is interesting to note that TIM KELLEY (R.I.P.) of SLAUGHTER had replaced RAY SCHENCK during this time.

There were rumors that ALAN BARLAM was in the same car accident which took the life of Tim Kelley in early 1998. However, THIS IS NOT TRUE. We do not know what Alan has been doing during these last years. Do you? If you do, please e-mail or sign the guest book!


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