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Ann Boleyn
A Biography
(Short Version)

Ann Boleyn first appeared on the music scene during the 1980s. Originally a Deep Purple-influenced Hammond-organ player, Ann took on the role of lead singer only after her band, Hellion was unable to find a suitable male vocalist.

Hellion's first shows were held at Ann's locally famous haunted house in Tujunga, California. With an admission fee of only three dollars and free beer for all, attendance at Hellion's gigs soon reached epic proportions. The shows' attendance grew until an evening when the LA Police decided to stop the show and fans refused to leave. When a male police officer began beating a visibly pregnant woman, the fans rioted. At least one police car was destroyed and many concert-goers had to be hospitalized. Reports of the riot appeared in publications throughout America and Europe.

London-based Music For Nations was the first record company to offer Hellion a deal. Not wanting to wait for the band to record an album, Music For Nations decided to release the band's demo as the "Mini-LP." The record climbed to #6 on Englandıs charts (Sounds and Kerrang Magazine). As result, Hellion's debut on European soil was a sold-out event, which was attended by a host of metal celebrities.

However, in spite of Hellionıs success in Europe, the major US record companies were only interested in Hellion if they agreed to take on a more "pop-rock" posture. Provoked by the situation, Ann started her own label, New Renaissance Records. Hellion's "Screams In The Night" album, received national radio air play and MTV rotation. At last Hellionıs music became accessible to American metal fans.

Despite never having released an album on a major record label, Ann Boleyn has not only developed a reputation as "rock's answer to Elvis," but also as America's premier female metal lead singer. Hellion also had the honor of being the first American group ever to tour the former Soviet Union. Hellion's last concert performance was at the world's largest indoor venue, Moscow's Olympic Arena.

Ann Boleyn's record company, New Renaissance, meanwhile enjoyed success. New Renaissance was the first company to release the recordings of a then-unknown thrash band from Brazil: Sepultura. Other New Renaissance artists of note included: King Kobra (featuring drummer Carmine Appiece), At War, Blood Feast, Bathory, and Wehrmacht.

However, in the early 1990s, following a string of successful releases, Ann Boleyn suddenly disappeared. Not only did Hellion cease to record and tour, but, the New Renaissance office closed as well. Until recently, her whereabouts was a closely guarded secret to all but a few close friends. However, even in her absence, Ann Boleyn continues to be one of metalıs best loved female artists with the internet serving as a place where fans exchange merchandise and news.

In early 1998, following what the singer termed as "a long period of darkness," Ann Boleyn announced that she is working on her first-ever solo album. The new LP, tentatively entitled "The Temple of Darkness" should provide clues to the singer's activities during her years in seclusion. Hellion fans can rest assured that the new album will feature some of Hellion's former musicians as well as guest performances from a few of her friends.

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