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DAVE DUTTON was never an official member of HELLION. However, his performance on POSTCARDS FROM THE ASYLUM was appreciated greatly.

When ANN BOLEYN and the SCREAMS IN THE NIGHT gang finally decided they had endured all they could take of one another, Ann brought back members of the classic Hellion line-up to record some old songs that had never made it on to vinyl. The project started out as a fun project, however, the engineer ANGELO ARCURI was so impressed that he helped the group to get time at THE RECORD PLANT. For all practical purposes, POSTCARDS FROM THE ASYLUM was recorded live. Of course guitar solos and vocals were done later. Dave Dutton had wirked in previous bands with RAY SCHENCK and SEAN KELLEY.

Dave did not tour or perform with Hellion. His only recording with the band is on POSTCARDS FROM THE ASYLUM. The webmaster does not know what Dave is doing today.. If you do, please let us know!


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