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GREG PECKA was one of two drummers ever to play in HELLION. Greg joined the group after Hellion's original line-up kicked ANN BOLEYN out of the band...only to discover (too Late) that she owned the rights to the name Hellion! (The original members performed a few club dates in the L.A. area and used the name BURN and, like Ann, were also managed by NIJI MANAGEMENT, who manages RONNIE JAMES DIO.)

Like the other newcomers, GREG PECKA had big shoes to fill when he became a member of Hellion. For starters, the original Hellion drummer, SEAN KELLEY, was one of the most-respected metal drummers on the US metal scene. Even though several magazines called Sean the poor-mans answer to Tommy Lee, the statement probably stemmed from their similarity in appearance. (Back in the days when Tommy Lee had long hair, fans often became confused as to who was who!)

Greg Pecka, however, entered Hellion with an established reputation on the rock and metal scene. He was the oldest member of Hellion, and with his age came much experience and a resume of work with many bands, one of whom was DOKKEN. Greg began working with Hellion in 1986 and performed his first show with the band in July. His first studio work with the band was on what Hellion members called THE HUNDRED-THOUSAND DOLLAR DEMO (which was circulated among some radio DJs but was never released). His work also appears on the SCREAMS IN THE NIGHT ALBUM. He was also featured in the BAD ATTITUDE video which received extensive airplay on MTV in America and Europe, as well as on SKY CHANNEL

Greg wanted for Hellion to go after a more commercial image and was said to have complained about the references to witchcraft in the song lyrics. He left following the release of and was replaced by the member he had replaced...SEAN KELLEY!

I do not know what has become of Greg Pecka. I would love to include and update on his activities. [GREG: If you read this page, please sign my guest-book and let me know what you are doing. A new photo would be good, also!}


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