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The Black Book

There came a time I had all I could take
Life on the edge my mind about to break
Parents said theyd warned me and my friends
Said its a shame
Doctor said the stress was playing tricks upon my brain

Doctor he told me I had to get away
Climbed a jet liner bound for the UK
Resting in the countryside, LAs far behind
Something deep inside was playing tricks
Inside my mind...
...Tricks inside my mind!

There in the walls it lay throughout the years
Pages of secrets---the source of all their fears
Hidden reasons, flashing eyes
Something isnt right!
What can you do when youre running---out of sight
Hiding from the light!

Nightmares waken me at night
Shadows hiding from the light

1st Solo: Kenny Andrews

2nd Solo: Chet Thompson

3rd Solo: Kenny Andrews

4th Solo: Chet Thompson

Old parchment pages that crack when open wide
There in the black book the magic came alive
Hidden reasons.
Flashing eyes.
Something isnt right!
What can you do when youre hiding---out of sight?
Welcoming the night!

Shadows waken me at night.
See the black book come alive!

by Ann Boleyn, Alan Barlam, Sean Kelly, Tim Kelly & Rex Tennyson. Copyright 1990. All rights reserved.