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by Paul Miller. from Kerrang Magizine, London, England.

...Basins represented a baptism by fire of sorts for Hellion, too, not only was this the LA quintet's first gig in Europe for more than four years, it also marked the debut of former Allegiance bassist Rex Tennyson and new guitarist Kenny Andrews.

The set was largely from the two extremes of Hellion's six year career, spanning the old faves, dusted off and given a nice shiney new coat and the very new ones from the just-released Postcards From The Asylum mini-LP together with a fistful of unrecorded songs with only two tracks making the grade from the Screams In The Night album.

Not at all surprising when you consider that the {several words were unreadable---if you know whats missing please e-mail]___ ____ recorded Screams In The Night_____ _____boss Ann Boleyn remains ___ ___ ___ her current recruits being completed by guitarist Alan Barlam and drummer Sean Kelley, both returning to the fold after a couple of years in the wilderness.

Nevermore and Run For Your Life, both from the aforementioned new EP, did the kickstart honors with a viscious snarl. Ann Boleyn's vocals, a target for Malcolm Dome when he slated Hellion's only previous UK show back in 1984, have improved dramatically, more melodic and less ahrsh than in her earlier days - not that she can't still let it rip with ease whenever the need arises.

However, one very important aspect of the show was that it was very clearly a band affair. In the past, Ann Boleyns determination for Hellion to succeed has only served to push the male members firmly into the background but at Basins Ann elected to sing barefoot, with the result that only the rabid first row could actually see her or appreciate her costume changes or the natty cobwebs all over the backline, for that matter meaning that it was left pretty much to the band to ____ _____ ___ [Sorry: words again unreadable on our only photocopy].

___ ___ ___posturing and meandering aimlessly, the band worked as a unit, looked good, and sounded even better.

Bad Attitude broke the mold of the set, a reminder of the more refined Screams In The Night era Hellion, whilst The Evil One laid down Anns undoubted love of early Sabbath-style truggers.

However, it was the likeness of Judas Priest's masterly Exciter that really highlighted the sunny side of Hellion's simple, effective down-to-earth Metal approach.

Encoring witgh Zepplin's Immigrant Song was a nice touch to a classy performance that impressed almost everybody I spoke to. You can bet that the next time Hellion venture accross to Europe (which hopefully wont be such a lenghty wait ____ ____ ____be playing to a new generation of fans _____ _____ _____.

[WEBMASTERs NOTE: Sorry for the missing words. I didn't notice that so much was impossibe to read untill I started transcribing this from an old photocopy. If anyone knows the missing words, please e-mail!]


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