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In late 1982, after returning from a tour of the west coast, Hellion landed a string of shows in Hollywood at top venues. The good fortune, however, did little to qwell the trouble between bassist PEYTON TUTHILL and singer ANN BOLEYN. After a (now infamous) arguement at THE TROUBADOUR while the band was doing a sound check, Tut (bassist) quit. Hellion did not want to cancel the shows so they began auditionng members as fast as they could.

By the time Hellion began holding auditions, the group was already known among most music infudtry people. After a jam session, Hellion decided to give Rick a chance.

Rik, however, soon left HELLION to joim with STEELER. The webbaster does not know what Rik is doing these days. If you do, please drup a line.


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