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Descendants From King Alfred the Great!

This feature is the second in an ongoing series about the Kirkmichael branch of the Kirkpatrick family, whose ancestors are traced to Alexander Kirkpatrick, the first Kirkpatrick lord of Kirkmichael. The following list traces the ancestral line, beginining with Alfred the Great. If your Kirkpatricks come from this line, you too, are most likely a direct blood descendant of kings. 1.) ALFRED THE GREAT, King of England, had:

2.) EDWARD THE ELDER, King of England, who had:

3.) PRINCESS EDGIVA, m. secondly, HENRY, Count Vermandois, who had:

4.) HUBERT, Count Vermandois and Troyes, who had:

5.) LADY ADELA DE VERMANDOIS, who m. PRINCE HUGH THE GREAT, Count Vermandois, son of HENRY 1, King of France.

6.) LADY ISABEL DE VERMANDOIS, who m. first, ROBERT, Baron de Bellemont, Earl of Mellent and Leicester, who had:

7.) ROBERT, Second Earl of Leicester, Justice of England, who had:

8.) ROBERT, Third Earl of Leicester, who had:

9.) LADY MARGARET DE BELLOMONT, who m. SAIRER, Baron de Quincey and of Bushby, created Earl of Winchester, and had:

10.) ROGER, Second Earl of Winchester, Constable of Scotland, who had by his second wife, HELEN, daughter of ALAN, Lord of Galloway, who had:

11.) LADY ELIZABETH DE QUINCEY, who m. ALEXANDER, second Baron Cumyn, Earl of Buchan, and had:

12.) LADY ____ CUMYN, who m. SIR JOHN DE KEITH, fourth Great Marshall of Scotland, and had:

13.) ADAM DE KEITH, Rector of Keith-Marischall, 1292, father of:

14.) JOANNA KEITH, who m. SIR ALEXANDERSTEWART, of Derneley and Cambusnethan, Knight, and had:

15.) LADY JANET STEWART, who m. THOMAS, first Lord Somerville, d. 1445, and had:

16.) LADY MARGARET DE SOMERVILLE, who m. first, SIR ROGER KIRKPATRICK, Lord of Closeburn. They had:

17.) ALEXANDER KIRKPATRICK, second son, Lord of Kirkmichael. According to R. G. Kirkpatrick, Alexander Kirkpatrick, brother of Sir Thomas,received the Barony of Kirkmichael from the King, as a reward for taking prisoner at the Battle of Burnswark, James, the ninth Earl of Douglas, 1484. His son was:

18.) WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, of Kirkmichael. Obtained, in 1565, from the vicar of the parish of Garrel, the church-lands and glebe of the parish, though, just previous to this, he was 3under scandal with the Reformers for allowing mass to be celebrated within his bounds. He was summoned to Parliament in 1548. He was the father of:

19.) SIR ALEXANDER KIRKPATRICK, Knt. of Kirkmichael, eldest son, who m. MARGARET CHATARIS, and had:

20.) WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, of Kirkmichael, eldest son, who inherited his father1s estate. His son was:

21.) WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, of Kirkmichael, who sold his estate and died 9 June 1688. His eldest son was:

22.) GEORGE KIRKPATRICK, of Knock, in Kirkmichael parish, who had Thomas and: SOURCES: *Browning. Americans of Royal Descent. Philadelphia. 1911. Pedigree 134. [Cited in The Kirkpatrick Family in Line of Royalty. Collin1s Encyclopedia of Scotland. HarperCollins. London. 1994. p. 22. Kirkpatrick, Richard Godman. Kirkpatrick of Closeburn. 1858. The Kirkpatrick Family in Line of ‘Royalty1. In Somerset County Historical Quarterly. p. 172. *This author is aware that some historians are critical of Browning1s work. The author therefore wishes readers to note that Browning1s inclusion as a source is meant merely to show that his list concurs with both family pedigrees and various information dating prior to the publication of American1s of Royal Descent.

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