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The House of Kirkpatrick International Association

<h1>Honor Roll</h1>

NOTE: This information is not up-to-date and will soon be revised. If your name is not here, we appologise!

(Donors of 500 Dollars (US) or Greater)

Mrs. W.L. Gibson


(Donors of 100 Dollars (US) or Greater

Salli L. Kirkpatrick of SK Associates
Robert Kirkpatrick
Nadine Peterson

(Donors of 50 Dollars (US) or Greater)

Kirstan Kirkpatrick Fisher


(Donors of 20 or Greater)

Melba Kirkpatrick Bates
Deborah S. Kirkpatrick & Jon L. McManus
Clarice Kennedy
Dallas C. & Susan B. Kirkpatrick
Dan Kirkpatrick
Derald Kirkpatrick
Dwight Roger Kirkpatrick
Ernest E. Kirkpatrick
Gale F. Kirkpatrick, Sr.
Jean Kirkpatrick
John P. Kirkpatrick
Judith J. & Ronald D. Kirkpatrick
L.A. & J.M. Kirkpatrick
Larry Kirkpatrick (of Ventura, CA)
Lawrence Kirkpatrick
Col. Malcolm Suydam Kirkpatrick
Marion Kirkpatrick
M.R. and Marla Kirkpatrick
Melvin E. & Donna L. Kirkpatrick
Michael Robert Kirkpatrick
Pearl Kirkpatrick Family
Richard Kirkpatrick
Dr. Mrs. Wendell Kirkpatrick
Wesley G. Kirkpatrick
Rodney P. Reed
Maxine Rothchild
Lyle E. Strahan
Rose V. Kirkpatrick Spradlin
Gail Kirkpatrick Tompkins
Susan Vargas

Special Thanks:

Emily K Baker
Clardea Baker
James R. Hume
Frank W. Kirk
David C. Kirkpatrick
George Richard Kirkpatrick
Dorothy E. Stanley
Simon B. & Rose V. Spradlin
Evelyn Trissell
Joseph J. Ruzicka

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