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Above: Photo of the kirkyard at Closeburn, burial site of many Kirkpatricks. (Photo by Ann A. Kirkpatrick Hull.)

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1. LINK. There is a link to your site on this week's THE CAPITOL SCOTT at http://www.webcom/us_scot/

2. KIRKPATRICK COAT OF ARMS. Where can I find the coat of arms for the Kirkpatricks of Scotland? [Editor's reply: Readers are advised that protocal comes to play when considering the use of any coat of arms. For example, The Kirkpatrick Historical did not include the coat of arms on our publication until after we received written authorization from the Lord Lyon King at Arms. Because we value the tradition associated with the heraldry of Scotland, we wanted to honor it by going through the proscribed channels. To do otherwise would have been an obvious show of disrespect to the very history that ties all of us together. To use the Kirkpatrick coat of arms, or any other, without going through the proper channels could be compared to using the NFL logo without permission. It should also be noted that there are many different coats of arms for the Scottish Kirkpatricks. These coats of arms are designed specifically for the individual person to which they have been granted. Even if you are using the coat of arms for a private project, such as needlepoint, etc., I recommend checking into which family branch your line descends from, first. If you are not particularly concerned you can find the Kirkpatrick coat of arms of the family of Closeburn (my line) which is included on most issues of our newsletter. I hope this has been of help.]

3. VALENTINE KIRKPATRICK. I am lookinf got the parents of Valentine Kirkpatrick. He married Martha McMurray and was known to be in Mecklenburg County, NC in 1791. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Diane Reply to: